Salem High School hockey information and statistics from the first season to the present

Ron Chisholm's Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening Layout

Presented by:   Ron Chisholm - a dedicated hockey fan, parent of four players, and past player and coach of many years.

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This video shows the layout of all of my sharpening equipment that is used for sharpening and contouring skates as well as a skate baking oven and a pneumatic riveter for replacing rivets and eyelets.

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Additional Sharpening and Skate Information

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The information on this site has been collected from official scoresheets and from on ice observations.  As such, the final statistics are not to be construed as official or sanctioned by the Salem High School Athletic Department or by the NHIAA.  However, much of this information is not available from any other sources.

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