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Presented by:   Ron Chisholm - a dedicated hockey fan, parent of four players, past player and coach of many years, and expert skate sharpener since 1983.

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Skate Sharpening Machines

Quite often I see queries about skate sharpeners and skate sharpening, so I thought that I would try to give an overview of many of the most popular machines and tools that are currently in use.  I do not personally sell machines or have any affiliation with the manufacturers.  Links are provided to go directly to the manufacturers' sites to see the various models and types of skate sharpening machines.  They do not always post sale prices for the equipment, but most of the larger double and triple head machines will be over $10,000 and up to prices in excess of $27,000.  The low end of the small table top machines are in the area of $1,000.  The major manufacturers offer many configurations for their machines.  They are pictured and described at the various web sites which can by reached by clicking on the names or pictures below.

Blackstone Sports
Blackstone manufactures high end professional machines in single, double, and triple head design in free standing models and single head portables.  They also sell 2 lower cost portable (tabletop) machines for the home user.
These machines are used by several NHL and college teams.


Blademaster manufactures high end professional machines in single, double, and triple station design in free standing models and single station portables.  Another portable machine is also available with a combination finishing and cross grind head station.
Blademaster machines are used by most NHL and college teams. 


J-TEK Manufacturing
J-TEK manufactures single, double, and triple head machines in multiple configurations as well as several portable machines.


Fleming Gray
Fleming Gray manufactures single, double, and triple head machines.


Dupliskate sells three versions of their machine.  One is manual, another is a programmable, computer controlled model, which controls the movement and pressure of the grinding wheel arm.  A third automatic machine is offered which can do two skates at one time.


SSM North America
SSM Europe
SSM makes finish head machines as well as a cross grind contour machine.  These machines are best known and very popular in Europe.  Carrying cases are available to make the SSM-2 (pictured) portable.

Wissota manufactures a relatively inexpensive tabletop finish machine.  They offer a carrying case to make the machine portable as well as a floor pedestal for mounting the machine.  A cross grind machine, which is made from a modified bench grinder, is also available.


E-Z Sharp
E-Z Sharp is essentially a portable machine which can also be purchased with a stand to make it into a floor model.  A separate cross grind machine is also sold.

Cag One
Cag One makes an automatic sharpening machine and a computer controlled machine.


ProSharp makes automated machines in benchtop and portable models.  Included is a truly portable unit weighing only 22 pounds and capable of running on 12 VDC as well as 100-250 VAC.  No carrying cases are available.

Sparx sells an automated machine primarily designed for home use.  It uses individual grinding rings for each ROH or flat bottom sharpening.  Each ring is good for about 40 sharpenings.


Hand Held Sharpeners

A large variety of hand sharpeners are available in sports shops as well as on the internet.  In my opinion, none of these devices should be used as an alternative to sharpening skates on the machines shown above, and should only be considered for use in an emergency situation until you can get the skates sharpened.  I have provided links to the manufacturers of the products shown below in case you might be interested in getting additional information about the products.

Flat Stone






Razor Sharp

Sweet Stick

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The information on this site has been collected from official scoresheets and from on ice observations.  As such, the final statistics are not to be construed as official or sanctioned by the Salem High School Athletic Department or by the NHIAA.  However, much of this information is not available from any other sources.

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